black-woman-pregnantAs a child, I was always nervous around Valentine’s Day because it represented the moment of truth: did people like me enough to send a card? As kids, we were always grateful to know we were not that unfortunate person who received the least number of cards or were shocked when we received a card from the most popular boy or girl in the class. “Wow, so-and-so really likes me.”

Valentine’s Day makes us think about that all important topic called love. Each year, Hallmark®, florists, jewelers and confectioners (candy makers) sell symbols of love in profitable fashion. Millions of people all over the world anticipate receiving confirmation that they’re loved through these Valentine symbols. However, what happens if you don’t receive them? What happens if you don’t receive that diamond friendship ring, or flowers or Godiva chocolates? Are you any less of a human being?

Pregnancy has an interesting phenomenon in matters of the heart. There are couples who conceive on Valentine’s Day and then there are pregnant women who find themselves alone. It can sometimes bring couples together as a family or in other instances, tear them apart. Somewhere there will be a pregnant woman who will dread Valentine’s Day as it rapidly approaches. She will dread this day because she is alone, pregnant and feeling unworthy and she will be wrong. Each one of us is a living example of the manifestation of love; whether we have a partner or not. When we entered our mother’s womb and then took our first breath, we received the gift of Life.

So, for those of you who lament because you didn’t receive a card, a gift or other symbols of love, take a good look in the mirror and look at the greatest Valentine’s gift you could ever receive. No candy or cards or flowers have more value than the person you’re looking at in the mirror.

Happy Valentine’s Day.