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An article by Jane Hansen of The Sunday Telegraph, “Maternity Leave Will Kill Your Career, Recruitment Companies  Warn Women” deserves a pregnant pause. What happened to the sanctity for human life or have corporations really sunk to the lowest level of decency?

Hansen interviewed executive recruiters who are of the opinion that taking 12-months off for maternity leave in a competitive market could have deadly effects. Only 2 percent of chief executive positions are held by women and men outnumber women on boards by ten to one. The recruiters warn that if “you’re an aspiring rising star and take a year off, your star won’t keep rising.” Why are women always caught between a rock and a hard place or standing on the lowest rung of the ladder of “success?”

I recall with sadness the tongue-lashings and grueling inquisitions my female ob-gyn colleagues endured during residency training once their pregnancies were discovered.  Comments such as “poor planning” and “selfish” were always hurled like epithets but our male counterparts were always congratulated.

For those of us who were naïve enough to believe that a professional career was a panacea for happiness, the decision to become a mother was sometimes challenging and inconvenient.  There was always one more promotion; degree; award; fiscal or material goal to achieve or obtain before “settling” down to have a baby. We suffered from the disease to please, placing motherhood in a perennial pause in order to gain traction and momentum in the fast lane of our careers. The problem is, we ultimately hit the inevitable glass ceiling and come crashing back down to earth, shattered and childless.

There are laws such as the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of Title VII that protect the rights of pregnant women and they shouldn’t be afraid to use them. No company is exempt. Major airlines, Wall Street brokerage firms, film companies and even maternity clothing stores have all been hit by lawsuits for pregnancy discrimination and LOST. The recent victory of Shashika Jatav, an Indian airline hostess who sued Air India in 1990 for wrongful termination after her second pregnancy and won her job back after a 20 year battle is a triumph for us all.

Will maternity leave kill your career? Only if you allow it. Motherhood just might prove to be one the greatest career moves of your life. At least it is for me.

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