shutterstock_107929916Dr. Linda offers live and virtual workshops which are:

  1. What to Do If Your Doctor Says You Need a Test but the Insurance Company Says You Don’t.
    • Learn which procedures are automatically targeted for denials
    • Learn about the resources insurance companies use as a means to base their denials
    • Learn what happens when an “Independent” Reviewer doesn’t agree with the insurance company’s decision
    • Who should attend?
    • Pregnant women over 35
    • Pregnant women who desire first trimester screening tests
    • Women who desire hysterectomies
    • Physicians or healthcare providers whose claims are consistently denied
  1. How to Recognize Red Flags in your Pregnancy
    • In this workshop, we will learn about the different categories of high blood pressure, diabetes and how they should be managed during pregnancy; the significance of having a short cervix, the importance of fetal movement and how a patient with a previous history of stillbirth should be managed
    • Who should attend?
    • Minority pregnant women
    • All pregnant women, especially first-time pregnant women
    • Husbands, partners and caregivers
    • Doulas

How to Prepare for a Government Site Visit

In this workshop, we will learn the 19 operational components that will be evaluated by the federal government, the documents requested and the staff that’s usually interviewed. You will also be given links to sites developed by HHS to assist health centers with compiance

Who should attend?

  • Administrative (including medical director) of newly funded 330 grant programs or FQHC
  • FQHC administrators who have not had an operational visit in 3 years
  • FQHC Board of Directors

How to Protect Your Medical Career After Completing Residency

In this workshop, we will learn about mistakes physicians have made that placed them on the radar screen of law enforcement such as

  • fraudulent billing,
  • giving too much fiscal control to their office staff
  • breaching the standard of medical care that places patients in harm’s way
  • online medication prescribing
  • over prescribing controlled substances
  • sexual misconduct

Who Should Attend?

  • medical students
  • resident physicians
  • nurses
  • nursing students
  • hospital and health center administrators
  • new

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