The Center for Disease Control  (CDC) recently published a study revealing 27 percent of babies are born to unmarried couples who live together in the U.S. This is a three-fold increase from 1985 and it’s not a trend just limited to the U.S. This phenomenon is happening through the entire industrialized world including countries such as Iceland and Sweden where 66 and 55 percent of babies are born to unmarried parents. While the stigma of having a “baby out of wedlock” appears to have declined, Cathy Samford, a teacher at the Heritage Christian Academy in Rockwall, Texas might not agree.

Samford was a popular volleyball coach and science teacher at Christian Academy for approximately three years. When she was originally hired, she signed a contract stating that she would exhibit “good Christian behavior.” However, when it was discovered that Samford, who has two children was pregnant with her third and unmarried, she was summarily fired from her job. Samford asserted that she was in a committed relationship and she had planned to get married before the end of the summer but “a series of events” had delayed the event. Both she and her fiancé stated that they would change their plans to get married sooner in an attempt to avoid Samford’s termination but to no avail. The school stated it didn’t matter. They weren’t going to change their decision because “It doesn’t change that her behavior was out of wedlock.” Samford was in shock. When she lost her job, she also lost her medical benefits and is rightfully concerned about her future and the future of her children. She is presently living off her tax refund. She hired an attorney and has filed a discrimination suit against the school. The school asserts that they were within their right to terminate Samford because they are a private school.

If Jesus the Christ were the headmaster of Heritage Christian Academy, do you think he would fire Samford? Probably not. Maybe the school administrators should put down their stones.